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Surfboards – Raging Bull and Bullseye

If you are looking for a board that will perform in heavy surf, you should consider the Occ Raging Bull. This versatile travel board is user-friendly and is designed to withstand heavy conditions. It is especially suited for powerful surfers, because it has a fuller nose and a wider point, plus extra thickness that’s pushed forward. It also features a flatter entry rocker that generates extra speed.

JS surfboards Raging Bull

Jason Stevenson Surfboards has recently released a two-board quiver for big surfers. The Raging Bull and Bullseye models are available online and in surf shops around Australia. Here are some of the main features of these boards. They are lightweight, easy to paddle, and designed with performance surfers in mind.

The Raging Bull’s shape is very similar to the JS Monsta Box, but features more foam under the chest area and a slightly rounded pin. This helps the board catch waves more efficiently and generate more speed. These two boards are similar in size and shape, but differ slightly in the rocker and width of the tail block.

The Raging Bull Hawaii surfboards are manufactured by the Raging Bull Company in the United States and Canada. Founded by a British surfer, Raging Bull Hawaii surfboards are known for their superior construction, durability, and design.

JS surfboards Bullseye

The JS surfboards Bullseye is an intermediate wave board that features a wide, flat tail. This shape is great for catching waves in a variety of conditions. The board has a unique shape and features several different options. The rounded pin and wider tail block make the board easier to paddle in a variety of waves. The extra thickness makes the Bullseye easy to catch waves and generate speed.

The Bullseye features a slight vee in the nose, which helps lift the forward rails out of the water when catching steeper sections. This shape also aids in initiating turns in weaker surf. The Bullseye also features a single-to-double concave and a slightly curve on the exit rocker. This board is designed for small to medium-sized waves and is also great for reefs, fun points, and weaker surf.

Kaalaea beach

Located on the Kamehameha Highway, Kaalaea is a small neighborhood nestled between Ahuimanu and Waihole. The area offers a mix of traditional Hawaiian plantation-style homes and more modern designs. The community is easy to access, with grocery stores and restaurants within a few miles. A ten-minute drive will get you to the town of Kaneohe, which has several great restaurants and shops. Kaalaea is also close to other beaches, including Kahaluu Beach and Waihe Bay.

Robert Deniro’s character in Raging Bull

Robert Deniro’s character in the 1980 movie Raging Bull, a middleweight boxing champion, was inspired by a real-life incident. He had originally planned to make a play based on the story. However, that idea never materialized. Instead, he spent time with LaMotta’s ex-wife, Vickey, to learn more about him.

The character in Raging Bull is based on a real-life boxing champion named Jake LaMotta. LaMotta, nicknamed the ‘Bronx Bull’, was one of the top middleweight fighters in the world. His boxing career spanned from 1941 to 1954. During that time, he amassed an 83-19-4 record and held the NBA and NYSAC middleweight titles. The movie portrays the life of this legendary boxer in flashbacks.

The actor did a lot of exercises for the role, including a lot of crunches. He alternated his push and pull days, performing about six hours of exercise a week. He also performed a lot of dips and pullups. He also wore heavy boots to train for the role.



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