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Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers

Are you a travel enthusiast looking for the perfect companion on your adventures? A lightweight and durable travel trailer can be the solution to all your problems. And when it comes to quality, Lance Ultra Light Weight Lance Travel Trailers are hard to beat. These trailers offer comfort, convenience, and versatility in one package, making them ideal for road trips or camping with family and friends. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Lance stands out from other brands in the market and highlight some of their best models that cater to different needs. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into the world of Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers!

Lance 2285

The Lance 2285 is a perfect choice for those who want to experience the ultimate luxury on their travels. This travel trailer has an overall length of 28 feet and can accommodate up to six people comfortably. It comes with a master bedroom that includes a queen-size bed, wardrobe storage, and nightstands.

One of the standout features of this model is its spacious living area that houses dual swivel rockers, which provide ample seating space for relaxation or entertainment. Additionally, it also has a convertible dinette table that can be turned into another sleeping area if needed.

The kitchen area is well-equipped with stainless steel appliances including a three-burner range stove with oven and microwave. The solid surface countertops provide plenty of prep space while the large pantry allows you to store all your necessities without any hassle.

Lance 2285 provides excellent insulation throughout its structure with Azdel composite panels in place of luan wood providing protection against moisture-related issues such as mold or rotting occurring over time. Its lightweight construction ensures easy towing and fuel efficiency making it ideal for long-distance travels.

In summary, the Lance 2285 offers luxury amenities coupled with durable construction making it an excellent choice for those seeking comfort in their travels without compromising on functionality or style.

Lance 1575

The Lance 1575 is a compact ultra-lightweight travel trailer that packs a punch. Despite its small size, this trailer manages to fit all the necessary features for comfortable living on the road. The interior is designed with great attention to detail, providing ample storage and functional spaces.

One of the standout features of the Lance 1575 is its large panoramic window at the front of the trailer. This provides stunning views while also making the space feel larger than it actually is. Plus, natural light floods in during daylight hours, creating an open and airy atmosphere.

The kitchen area in this model includes a three-burner range with oven and high-rise faucet for easy clean-up. There’s also a spacious fridge/freezer combo unit and plenty of cabinet space for storing food items, utensils and cookware.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, there’s no need to compromise on comfort with Lance 1575. The queen-sized bed ensures a good night’s sleep while overhead cabinets keep personal belongings within reach but out of sight.

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight travel trailer that doesn’t skimp on style or functionality then be sure to check out Lance 1575!

Lance 1475

The Lance 1475 is an ultra-lightweight travel trailer that offers comfort and convenience for a small family or group of friends. With its compact size, it’s perfect for those who are looking for a mobile home that they can take anywhere without compromising on quality.

One of the best things about this model is its efficient use of space. Despite being only 14 feet long, the interior feels spacious with its open floor plan and high ceilings. It has plenty of storage options to help you keep your belongings organized during your trip.

The kitchen area includes a two-burner range, sink, refrigerator and microwave oven which makes cooking easy while on the road. The dinette converts into a bed if you need more sleeping space aside from the queen-size bed located at the front part of the trailer.

In terms of technology features, it also boasts entertainment systems such as LED TV with cable hookup and Bluetooth capable stereo system to keep you entertained during downtime in between adventures.

The Lance 1475 is an excellent option for individuals or families who want to experience outdoor living without sacrificing comfort and style. Its lightweight design ensures easy towing so you can enjoy hassle-free travel regardless if you’re driving through rough terrain or smooth highways.

Lance 1175

The Lance 1175 is a spacious and luxurious travel trailer perfect for those who love to travel with extra comfort. With its lightweight design, it’s easy to tow and maneuver on the road.

Inside, you’ll find a beautiful interior with plenty of amenities that will make your travels feel like home. The slide-out dinette provides extra room for dining or relaxing while enjoying the view outside.

The full-size bathroom offers ample space and features such as a porcelain toilet and shower skylight provide added convenience. Plus, the kitchen comes fully equipped with high-quality appliances including a three-burner range with oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, stainless steel sink with pull-out sprayer faucet and solid surface countertops.

When it’s time to rest after a long day of exploring new places, you can retreat to the comfortable bedroom which includes a queen-sized bed with an innerspring mattress along with under-bed storage options.

If you’re looking for luxury combined with lightweight towing capability then Lance 1175 may be just what you need for your next adventure!

How to choose the right travel trailer for you

Choosing the right travel trailer can be overwhelming, but it’s an important decision that ultimately impacts your travel experience. To find the perfect fit, consider your budget and needs.

Firstly, assess how many people will be traveling with you and their sleeping arrangements. Take into account the number of beds needed and living space required to ensure everyone is comfortable during the trip.

Secondly, think about what amenities are essential for your travels. Do you require a fully equipped kitchen or bathroom? Is air conditioning or heating necessary? Make a list of must-haves before deciding on a model.

Thirdly, research different brands and models to determine which one aligns with your requirements. Look at floor plans, specifications and customer reviews to gain insights into each option.

Calculate financial costs including not only upfront payment but also maintenance expenses such as fuel usage or repair fees. Remember that higher quality trailers may have a higher price tag but could save money in long-term repairs.

By following these simple steps when choosing a travel trailer for you, it’s more likely that you’ll end up happy with your final choice and enjoy countless memories on the road ahead!

Tips for traveling with a travel trailer

Traveling with a travel trailer can be an exciting adventure, but it requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help make your journey smoother:

1. Plan Your Route: Before setting off on your trip, research the roads you will be traveling on to ensure they are suitable for towing a travel trailer.

2. Check Your Equipment: Make sure your travel trailer is in good working condition before leaving home. Check all lights, tires, brakes and any other important equipment.

3. Pack Smart: Only pack what you need and avoid overloading the RV which can lead to safety issues such as tire blowouts or accidents.

4. Drive Slowly & Safely: Travel trailers require more time and space to stop than regular vehicles so drive at a safe speed according to road conditions.

5. Be Mindful of Fuel Consumption: Towing a heavy load can cause fuel consumption rates to increase dramatically, plan accordingly by keeping extra gas handy or choosing routes that have plenty of service stations along the way.

6. Follow Campsite Rules & Etiquette – Always follow campsite rules when parking and hooking up utilities; respect quiet hours; clean up after yourself; don’t leave trash behind- ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience!

By following these simple tips you’ll be well prepared for a smooth sailing vacation with your Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer!

Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel trailer that doesn’t skimp on quality, then the Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers are worth considering. These trailers are designed with versatility in mind, making them perfect for those who enjoy both outdoor adventures and city living.

One of the best things about these ultra-lightweight travel trailers is their aerodynamic design. This means they can be pulled by smaller vehicles without sacrificing on space or amenities. They also have insulated walls and sound-proofing to make your travels as comfortable as possible.

These trailers come equipped with all the necessary features needed for a comfortable journey such as air conditioning, heating systems, LED lighting, and durable cabinetry. Furthermore, they offer enough storage space for all your belongings while travelling so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

The Lance Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers also come in different sizes ranging from 19 to 23 feet which makes it easier for customers to choose according to their needs and preferences. Additionally, they offer various floor plans that cater to specific needs like couples or families traveling together.

All in all, if you want an adventure-packed lifestyle but crave comfort at every turn – The Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers could be just what you need!

Why Choose Lance?

Lance is a brand that has been providing quality travel trailers since 1965, and there are many reasons why they stand out in the industry. For one, Lance offers ultra-lightweight models that make it easy for anyone to tow their trailer without sacrificing on space or amenities.

Another reason to choose Lance is their commitment to using only high-quality materials in the construction of each model. From the aluminum framing to the Azdel interior walls, you can trust that your Lance travel trailer will be durable and long-lasting.

In addition, Lance offers a variety of floor plans for every type of traveler – whether you’re traveling solo or with a large family. And speaking of families, many Lance models come equipped with bunk beds so everyone can rest comfortably.

But perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose Lance is their attention to detail when it comes to design and functionality. Each model features thoughtful storage solutions and modern appliances so you feel at home no matter where your travels take you.

If you’re looking for a reliable and well-designed travel trailer that won’t weigh down your vehicle or break the bank, then choosing a Lance model may just be the perfect fit for you.

Models and Floor Plans

Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers are available in various models and floor plans to cater to the diverse needs of travelers. Each model is designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.

The Lance 2285 is a spacious travel trailer for families who need ample room. It features a private master bedroom, bunk beds for kids, and a large living area complete with an entertainment center.

For couples or solo travelers looking for something more compact, the Lance 1575 offers cozy living quarters with all the necessary amenities without being too cramped. The interior design is modern and stylish with plenty of storage options.

The Lance 1475 has been recently updated and revamped to enhance livability while still maintaining its lightweight construction. It boasts an open floor plan that maximizes space usage while providing privacy within its enclosed bathroom.

The Lance 1175 truck camper allows you to bring your home wherever your adventures take you. This versatile model offers comfort on-the-go without sacrificing functionality or mobility.

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are or where your travels take you, there’s sure to be a perfect Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer model that suits your needs!


When it comes to choosing a travel trailer, understanding the specifications is crucial. Fortunately, Lance ultra light weight travel trailers offer detailed and comprehensive specification sheets for each of their models. These specification sheets include information on size, weight, capacity, and more.

One important specification to consider is the overall length of the trailer. This will determine if it can fit in certain campsites or parks with length restrictions. The dry weight is another key consideration as this influences how much cargo you can carry and what type of vehicle you need to tow it.

Other important specifications include the width of the trailer, height when closed or open (if applicable), water tank capacities (freshwater/greywater/blackwater), power sources available (battery/propane/electric), and number/type of sleeping areas.

By reviewing these details ahead of time, you’ll have a better idea about which model suits your specific needs for traveling comfortably while on-the-go!

How to Order

Ordering a Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer is easy and convenient. You can order online, by phone or in-person at an authorized dealer. The first step is to choose the model and floor plan that best suits your needs.

Once you have decided on a trailer, you can customize it with various options such as solar panels, bike racks and awnings. These options will enhance your camping experience and make your travel trailer unique to you.

After customizing your trailer, the next step is to place an order with a deposit. A sales representative will guide you through the process of financing if needed and provide an estimated delivery date.

Lance offers a three-year structural warranty for all their trailers along with additional warranties for appliances and other components. Once your travel trailer arrives, be sure to inspect it thoroughly before taking it out on the road.

Ordering a Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailer is simple with various customization options available so that each customer can personalize their purchase according to their preferences. With warranties provided by Lance themselves as well as thorough inspection guidelines upon arrival of said purchased product ensures customers they are making sound investments without any worries regarding potential defects or concerns!


In summary, Lance Ultra Light Weight Travel Trailers offer a perfect combination of luxury and convenience in a small package. With their sleek design, durability, and easy-to-tow capabilities, they are an excellent choice for any traveler who wants to hit the road without sacrificing comfort.

When it comes to choosing the right travel trailer for you, consider your needs and preferences carefully. Think about where you want to go and what features are important to you. With Lance travel trailers’ wide range of models and floor plans available, there is sure to be one that fits your lifestyle.

Don’t forget some essential tips when traveling with a travel trailer: always check your weight limits before packing; take regular breaks while towing; keep safety equipment on hand at all times; know how to hook up utilities correctly; never overextend slide-outs or awnings in high winds.

If you’re looking for quality ultra-lightweight travel trailers with exceptional craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, then look no further than Lance! From their impressive selection of models and floor plans to their attention-grabbing specifications – each detail has been designed with travelers in mind. Ordering could not be easier!

Are you ready? Get out there and enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer!

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