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Is Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy Flexible Regarding Spelling Errors?

Among too many American airlines, Alaska Airlines is considered to be one of the most significant airways headquartered in Washington, USA. The airline has done everything possible to provide its passengers with the most memorable and trouble-free journey and continues to do its best.

When you are eager to fly high, you commit such acts that end up putting you in trouble, as you can accidentally misspell your name while booking your ticket. In this concern, Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy is in place to tackle such circumstances. This policy allows you to improve the blunder associated with your flight tickets. In addition to the name change, Alaska Airlines also gives their passengers the right to change or cancel their existing flight.

In this post, we will teach you everything about the Name change policy of Alaska Airlines. Also, read till the end to know in which circumstances you are compelled to cancel your flight under Alaska 24 hour cancellation policy.

Alaska Airlines Name Change on Ticket Policy: Terms & Conditions

Inaccurate pieces of information like name errors on your flight ticket ultimately position you at risk of having your flight canceled. To have a clear understanding of the regulations related to the name change policy, go through the points mentioned below:

  • According to the name change policy, it’s important that the passenger’s name and identity match. In such cases, it may be difficult to identify the person boarding the plane.
  • Before starting the name change process for the Alaska flight ticket, passengers must check and correct the issue with their ID (if any). Resolving your ID issue is necessary before you change your flight ticket.
  • Customers are allowed to make changes to their names on the ticket. The name change process can be done online and offline.
  • You can alter your name within 24 days of booking your ticket without paying any fees. On the other side, if it’s been more than 24 hours, you must pay 125 USD to make name changes.
  • Remember, you can only change a very limited number of characters (three letters) in your name.

Can You Change Your Entire Name On Alaska Flight Tickets?

As per Alaska’s name change policy, flyers are allowed to make only minor name changes. For instance, updating the ticket to reflect the legal name change in case of marriage. Additionally, If you misspelled your name while booking your ticket, you may correct those specific characters associated with your flight ticket name.

Suppose you need to change your entire name. In that case, you must rebook your flight or cancel it according to Alaska 24 hour cancellation policy. Alaska Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to change their entire name and transfer the ticket to another person. This way, you must know how to cancel your reservation before rebooking your flight.

Important Highlights on Alaska 24 Hour Cancellation Policy?

Here’re the main things you need to know about cancelling your flight on Alaska Airlines.

  • For tickets bought more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure, passengers can cancel their flight for a full refund with no charges.
  • The main cabin and first-class Alaska flight tickets can be changed within 24 hours of ticket booking with no flight cancellation fees.
  • If you have bought a refundable ticket, you can easily request a refund to your original form of payment. Additionally, you can speak to a customer service agent.

How to cancel a flight on Alaska Airlines?

If your ticket is not eligible for name changes/corrections or does not meet the criteria or the Alaska name change policy, you must cancel your flight and rebook it. Follow the instructions below to learn how to cancel a flight under Alaska 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

  • First, sign in to your account on Alaska Airlines’ official website.
  • Second, navigate to the homepage and search for the “My Trips” option.
  • Third, now you need to select the trip you want to cancel and tap the “Cancel” button.
  • Fourth, The next screen will ask you to reconfirm that you wish to cancel your flight.
  • Fifth, After clicking on the confirm button, your booking will officially be cancelled.
  • Sixth, wait until you receive a confirmation containing your ticket number with potential cancellation fees if applicable.


By using the method in this post, it’s relatively simple to cancel your flight online. Also, changing the misspelled name on the flight ticket is convenient too. Alaska Airlines name change policy doesn’t allow the transfer of the ticket to maintain a high level of safety. By using the methods above, you can easily cancel your Alaska flight online. Conversely, If you prefer to have a customer service agent walk you through the cancellation process, you can do so by calling 800-252-7522.



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