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Vary your look with colored contact lenses provided by Imyge Health!

Just as you change your look based on the day or the event you want to attend, why shouldn’t you have the ability to change your eye color? Come and meet coloured contact lenses! We often ask ourselves questions such as: “How could I look with another hair color? With that look?” But people rarely think about trying to change their eye color.


Colored contact lenses are a unique way to transform you and your look in the blink of an eye.

Colored contact lenses are available both with correction (for short-sighted and long-sighted), and neutral, to allow everyone to vary their look! There is a large variety of colored contact lenses, each with different effects, which will make your eye unique!


Intensifying colored contact lenses


They are colored contact lenses designed to enhance the natural color of your eyes without transforming their shade. Intensifying lenses are ideal for those with bright eyes and who want to add a touch of particularity to their look.


Matte-colored contact lenses


For those with strong, intensely colored eyes these lenses are able to alter the color of your eyes significantly. Mainly indicated for those with very dark eyes and who want to completely change color.


Funny lenses


The right contact lenses for any party! These lenses will allow you to stand out among all the guests thanks to the colors ranging from white to red, up to particular colors, such as those with a cat’s eye!


Finding the right place to make a purchase, though, is a different story altogether…


Numerous brands of contact lenses are out there, each vying for the title of top-tier within their respective price brackets. Opting for an overly inexpensive choice might not be the wisest move, as, ultimately, quality tends to align with price at a certain threshold. Conversely, aiming for the midrange price point is generally a wiser strategy, given that most reputable contact lens brands operate within this spectrum.


However, it’s worth noting that occupying the same price bracket doesn’t equate to uniform quality. Some brands actually outshine their peers within the same cost range. Take Imyge Health, an original Australian brand specializing in a variety of affordable contact lenses.

A distinctive feature of Imyge Health’s offerings is their uncanny resemblance to actual corneas. The similarity is so striking that even an average person would struggle to differentiate between the two. Every Imyge Health product requires a prescription, ensuring that buyers can secure the precise lenses they require without any concerns.


Imyge Health proudly presents a range encompassing both disposable and reusable contact lenses. Remarkably, the disposables are so hardy that they can be used for a full month without posing any health risks. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that colored lenses should not be worn for more than 12 hours at a stretch.


In the case of prescription lenses, orders can be swiftly fulfilled within a matter of days from the initial request. An intriguing facet of Imyge Health’s service is the provision of complimentary shipping on orders exceeding $100 throughout Australia.


Ultimately, colored contact lenses offer the opportunity to transform or amplify your look. And when the moment arrives to make a selection, Imyge Health stands ready to offer the ideal solution, tailored precisely to fit your budget.



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